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Well, almost. I have a 2017 Veloster Tech. When I cancelled XM radio, it stays on that rotten preview channel. When I use my phone for bluetooth music I have to turn up the volume on the car & if I forget to turn it down before stopping, when I restart it defaults to the XM preview & blasts me at full volume. This is a work around, at least it turns off the rotten preview channelsound. If anyone knows how to just get rid of xm, please post!

XM Satellite – how to silence: Hold down the Info/Setup button until the testmode screen comes up (approx. 5 seconds)

Turn the Tune button, it will cycle through the XM ID and XM Preview on the top line

When it shows the XM Radio Id, press the Tune button once.

Then press the XM button and it should just show the Radio ID and no sound. Gone is that rotten preview noise!!
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