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Let me start by telling everyone what the car is doing now and then I will write a novel about how I got to this point.
I've developed a love hate relationship with this car and I just don't want to give up on it.
The car is throwing the following codes

It starts and idles normally but sputters a little and misfires though no misfire codes are currently showing.
The car has absolutely no power. I'm not sure what it's like to drive in limp mode but if i had a guess, this is what it would feel like. You can achieve hwy speeds but a 0-60 would be measured in minutes. The engine will rev high but no power reaches the wheels.The turbo is not boosting at all. I know my wastegate solenoid is bad but there was no boost before it went out. There was approx. Half a quart of dirty oil in the air intake between the intercooler and turbo (yikes). So much oil you can hear it gurgle in the pipe at idle. Depressing.

Now the history....
I bought the car in January of 2021 with 92000 miles and a hole the size of my fist in the bottom of the motor.

A VERY good friend and I replaced the motor with a 2016 with 58000 miles on it


We had to install the motor on the side of the road but everything seemed to go OK. The new/used motor fired up the first try with very few codes and ran very well at first but kept going downhill.

Less than 2 weeks after the engine swap, an idiot stopped on I-35. I stopped in time but the girl behind me didn't.

While the car was waiting for the body shop for almost 2 months, I installed new OEM plugs, aftermarket coils, cheap CAI, Tork resonator delete, and a racechip gts on the car. The current problem began sometime after the coils and plugs were changed due to 100s of misfires.

I don't know what to do next. I have no baseline to compare to since I've never driven the car in a known healthy state. (non of the mods seem to have improved anything and the racechip seems to do nothing and is currently turned off) (correct viscosity oil well under 3000 miles. Oil light flickers.) (ALL engine sensors replaced with new oem ones except the o2 sensors.) (I have screenshots of the live data but I can only post 10 photos on this post.)
Any help?
Any good news?
Or bad, I'm used to it now.
P. S. Someone hit the right rear of the car AGAIN while it was in a parking lot. Less than a week after getting it back from the body shop.

Sorry for the looong post.
Thank you.

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can you move the cam sensors over from the old motor?
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