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We are very excited to announce the release of our Catch Can Kits for the Veloster N! This is currently on pre-order with a 10% discount.

These cans are CNC machined out of billet aluminum and anodized in you choice of 4 different colors. With these kits we include everything needed for install from the can itself to the hose-clamps, its all included!

Stage 1 works on the Crank Case Vent(CCV)
Stage 2 works on the Positive Crank Case Vent(PCV)

If you are looking at doing only one can we recommend getting the stage 2 off the bat, as it will catch more contaminants. If you are looking for the most filtration on the market, get both of them!

-Dipstick for checking fluid level
-Zinc plated hardware
-2 step outlet filtration system
-2 piece design for easy cleaning and emptying
-Mounting brackets
-Awesome install instructions

Buy it HERE!

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