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Thread Necromancy. (and profile necromancy, long time, no see)

I tried this fix last week after the dealer told me I would need an entirely new unit if I wanted the thing to remember what song it was on. I googled for a solution and was led back to this site. Y'all were super helpful. Sadly, I thought I was going to log in and say that the fix didn't work for me because at first, it didn't seem to work and I was stuck with the same first song (which, randomly, wasn't the first alphabetically in the first folder, don't know what it was sorting by). BUT, the last seven times I turned the car on, it has remembered what song it was on. Don't want to jinx myself, but it appears to be fixed!

The main tip I can add is get one of those touchscreen pens with the squishy tip instead of trying to use your fingers. You need the precision for that crummy Windows interface. And, apparently, give it a few days and it might work after seeming to not work. 馃し

Slimer is about to be retired, but at least the next owner will have a functioning USB-music interface! And my last few months with him will be so much nicer with the music not starting from the beginning every time.

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Thanks for the update and stopping by! Sad you鈥檒l let the car go.
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