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After digging around online for quite a while it seems that upgrading the stock turbo is the clear way to bump power quickly, but I'm unsure about a couple things for it and was wondering if anyone had any experience with it.
1. What are the actual numbers on it? What I'm looking at is a KO3 upgraded turbo (stuffed Turbo) and it advertises a 80hp bump and I'm wondering the validity of the claims (also if there is a better upgrade that someone knows of I'm all ears)
2. Is there any change in the reliability? I can't imagine there would be a massive change in the reliability, but I'd like to know if there are any signs to look out for
3. Would I need a tune? I assume I would need one to get the peak performance out of it but am unsure
4. Where is a good place to get it? After looking through places like PierceMotorsports, SoCal Garage, and 845 motorsports I'm noticing similar pricing and wonder if there is a go to site to use for these kinds of things. Any opinions on brands are more than welcome
Thanks for your time and hope I'm not asking too much

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I think you might want to talk to Josh Sadler at KDM Tuners. Pretty honest guy and will tell you all the ins and outs of a stuffed turbo before you get started on this venture.

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