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Hi, I have my TurboSocks Lower Engine Mount available for sale. I've placed this on Ebay as well, but wanted everyone here to know it is available for purchase for $150.00.

I've attached some pics of it here so you can see it is in good condition. I had it on the car for about 10,000 miles before removing it last month. Nothing wrong with it, but I'm prepping my car for sale and figured a generic buyer wouldn't need this mount. Yours for $150 if you want it. Contact me here and we can work out details. If you are local to the Washington DC area, I can bring it to you (no shipping charges to you that way) as I'm a real estate agent and work in DC, MD & VA.

If you are out of the area, I'll go with the cheapest shipping option you want to save you money. (It probably would be USPS Priority Mail.)

1. Pics attached to this posting with my screen name next to it -- Hazlgreen

2. My screen name is Hazlgreen. See pics.

3. Location: Washington DC metro area (Specifically, Old Town, aka, Alexandria, VA)

4. Model year and model that the part is for: Was previously installed on my 2016 Veloster Turbo

5. If you have no intentions of buying this please do no post on this thread, thanks. No comments about where it can be found cheaper and what not either, especially since this is cheaper than where you can buy it new.

6. Price: $150.00 plus shipping or local pickup/delivery.

I am not a scammer.

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