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Hello everyone.

Rather than continue on my introduction thread, I figured I should start a proper build record.

My plans for this car are not extensive, and involve mostly handling or esthetic modifications because I think 200hp in a front wheel drive car is entirely appropriate.

The car at the moment has a bit of a rough exterior with teal accents and a non turbo bumper as it has a somewhat sorted past full of jealousy and sabotage. But I am here to at least attempt to set things right. I've sourced a new bumper and hatch and will be getting everything re-painted in the coming months. But for now, here's how it currently looks.

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive lighting

The wheels are prodrive gt1 18x8 with 245 40 tires on them. It's a bit larger than factory, but it takes bumps a little better with the thicker side wall and now the speedometer is actually accurate (within 1%). There's a very small amount of rubbing but only when at a very specific turning angle, then it goes away so its fine as a daily driver for now.

I'll be going for a yellow and black look with N style inspired lines painted on for a more subtle appearance. Black wheels will also be in the future but not until winter when I can take them off and send them to the shop.

This one's going to be pretty slow, but I'll hopefully not loose motivation.
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