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Touge Autocross daily driver - 2012 NaV

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I've had my NaV for about 3 years now and decided to start making it my own. Currently i have an Ark performance strut bar, Pierce motorsports rear upper brace, sparco assetto 16" wheels wrapped in Pirelli P7s and added Rally Armor mud flaps and a windshield banner.

The car is still my daily driver despite working from home so nothing too crazy will be done with the car for now except working with a local carbon fiber guy to possibly make a moon roof delete panel set to retain the opening motor. It's been backburnered for a few months due to covid but we're still intending to complete a prototype at a minimum.
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Not much to report, autocross is done for the season and the car is having the standard set of issues
  • p0420 code comes and goes on it's own
  • 9 year old oem Solite battery finally died when the temperature hit 10 degrees. Replaced it with a brand new Solite oem battery (9 more years! 9 more years!) I did find out the oem battery cables are terrible however, fully clamped they didn't firmly hold the battery terminals causing a no start issue. Shimmed them for now.
  • volume down and song down controls misfire the voice command function from the steering wheel

I probably have another year and a half before it's fully paided off and I buy a truck. I am tossing around the idea of a slightly crazy engine swap when the factory engine or transmission goes.

(likely not to take place due to other project cars)
Either a VR6 3.6 and 6 speed swap from a volkswagen (my house is technically a vw shop)
Or a FR configured V8 swap similar to that dude who swapped a 2jz into his for drifting. This is kinda subject to me finishing my tube chassis awd vw fastback and building my new shop for space.
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