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Rebuilding front end , complete performce rubber bushings, and how can i prevent wheel hop

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I wanna put all new performance rubber bushings on my 2014 hundai veloster 6speed non turbo and a minimal lowering springs do to **** roads in Puerto Rico.
Any recommendations appreciated, i allso keep getting a code now saying emissions are not working to capacity i replaced oxygen sensor to cateletic converter . But still getting code occasionally, i am close to replacing clutch with stage 3 , and it has about 110,000 miles is this normal or should go longer runs for the most part very well.
Any and all recommendations on all rebuild kits for suspension, anti swaybars , and to stiffen up suspension appreciated , i saw really nice performance bushing and anti sway bar kits from Australia , but very costly.
Stock springs and shocks coukd use upgrade as well.
Reach out
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I'd say get rid of the cats and you wont have to worry about them =) As for bushings, this company has stiffer ones: SuperPro Suspension Parts and Poly Bushings forHYUNDAI VELOSTER 2011-on - FS
For springs there's H&R springs along with Eibach. I've had both and prefer the Eibach. For shocks & struts, Koni is a great brand.
Pierce Motorsports has the best chassis stiffening components like strut bars and a rear torsion bar which is awesome. The rear torsion bar is almost a must for these cars.
a LSD would do wonders for the wheel hop... pierce makes some nice stuff as well. koni shocks and inserts with an aftermarket spring would be good too. i'm using konis and rspec springs. it works well.
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