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Rear brake-caliper piston rewind tool for 2016 Veloster base model

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I bought this tool on Amazon for $26.99 and it paid for itself immediately as it worked perfectly to screw in (rewind) the pistons on the rear brake calipers on my 2016 Veloster base model.

It's only needed for the rear brakes as the front brakes can be compressed the classic way with a 6 inch C-clamp.

I used the RH screw handle with the "F" insert and it worked smoothly and easily.

See pics showing the tool and the notched rear brake piston after removal from the caliper.
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very cool! this is the one I use.

Nice. Whatever works ay? That one is cheaper.

I'm glad I looked at this forum and a few YouTube videos before I started the brake job, since this is the first time I've had brake pistons that needed to be screwed in/rewound.

Next job, drain and replace the DCT fluid.
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