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TO EVERYONE WITH A - PROGRAM MEMORY IS VERY LOW. You must select one task to close, or increase the amount of program memory, if available.
**Convert some Storage Memory to Program Memory. (You can use the System control panel to adjust memory later).

it's displayed on your screen and won't go away, and when you try to press ok in the upper right hand corner, nothing happens...well this solution worked for me*

Because I found nothing in the owners manual to fix this, and the web page they gave for bluetooth was no longer after looking at some forums with bits and pieces of information, because none of the forums gave enough information to tell me how to fix the problem. I found some information online and messing with some buttons in my car, I finally figured it out.

I turned off my vehicle. Then I turned off the bluetooth on my phone and remove Veloster from my phone (remove this device). Then I turned on my vehicle, went to setup on my vehicle, then to bluetooth, and set it back to factory defaults.
Now you go back to your phone and turn on bluetooth. While you are in bluetooth settings in your vehicle, go to Delete Entire car contacts. And in Auto Downloads - turn it to OFF, because you do not want the contacts from your phone to automatically download when connecting to bluetooth. that is possibly why the program memory was low*.
Finally, I pressed the Phone button to pair my phone up with bluetooth, and put in the passcode 0000, and that was it.

I hope this helps you!!!!

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You must be popular. 馃ぃ I have 50 contacts and never had that on my 2012 Veloster.

The head unit runs on Windows CE on mine. Limited storage and RAM and read only. So this would make sense if you have a butt load of contacts.

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over 100 i believe, lol
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