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2015 RB Accent not so stock 🤫
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Hello everyone. I just picked up a 2013 veloster turbo 6 speed with 150km on the clock. Which for an alberta car of this age is surprisingly low mileage.

It was apparently the victim of an angry ex, which is why it has the wrong front end and ended up with a smashed driver's side window. I've already vacuumed a bunch of small glass pieces from the carpet so thats all the proof of that story that I need.

Many of the interior pieces have been painted green/teal, which I personally find horrible and will be changing in the future. Hopefully yellow accents will be in the future in place of the green and a full brake refinishing in yellow as well (not just a rattle can spray).

I already swapped the ruined plastidip coated factory wheels and bald tires for a set of prodrive gt1 with 245/40/18s on them. Which I know is a bit larger, but will help with the speedometer error.
I also cleaned up the interior a bunch which involved removing much, but not all of the trim and gave it a thorough vacuum and scrub. Now that it doesn't smell like someone's been sleeping it in for a month straight I can finally enjoy driving it and hopefully I'll get to start polishing it up and adding my new colour soon.

The pictures dont do the cleaning justice, it looks so much better tha when I started. Anyway, wish me luck and I hope to post some nice pictures here.

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Nice job man and great project car eliminating the past story of the car to create your own history.

These are the kind of post I enjoy most where the new owner does a complete overhaul of the car to prepare the pallet for its new creation.

You'll find tons of information here on the forums so you'll never run out of ideas and if I didn't mention it welcome to the forums.

Keep us up to date on the progress of this and enjoy the ride. 🤙
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