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Overland VT

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Wanted to share for anyone else trying to make their Veloster a little more dirt-friendly.

I just went on a light overland camping trip in my 2016 MT VT to test out my new tires and wheel setup. I am running General Grabber 215/70/R16 tires and Sparco Terra 16x7 wheels. These tires are 27.9" in diameter with a cross section of 8.7". For those who havent seen my other posts, I had to cut the front fenders and relocate some things to make the tires fit in the front, however these wheels and tires fit with no real issues without modification on the rear end.

TLDR: for those who were wondering -16"wheels fit great, they are 45mm offset. Also the VT handles downhill offroading like a champ, uphill gets dicey when you have a lot of gear in the back.
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no lsd really kills FWD.
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looking good! thanks for sharing all this!
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