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So I was driving back home in my 2012 veloster on the freeway I was on cruise control everything was going fine till the lcd warning Came up saying “stop when safe protection mode enabled” and then my car came of cruise control and started acting up like down shifting and and slow shifting high revs so I stopped on the side of the road turned off the car and hade no clue what was going on, after that I knew my house wasn’t that far away like 2-3 mints away so I turned on the car again and try to drive it back home and it was shift very slow and being jumpy but only when I gave it enough gas that it would do that, but ended up home safe, my car was working totally fine before that, before that happened I went to the car wash and then 5 minutes later it started, idk what it is I’m kinda stuck and don’t know what to do, anyone that hade the same problem??? And how can I fix it ??
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