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So I've been trying to find an answer to this since I got my car. I used to take my '06 Elantra spinning in empty parking lots while it was snowing. Never had any issues, never got the car around enough to move backwards while in drive so I never destroyed the torque converter.

Got a 2012 N/A Veloster with a DCT a little over a year ago, been having a blast with it. Now that winter is rolling around again and I know the car better than last year, I was wondering if anybody had any experience spinning their DCT Veloster (or any early model Hyundai DCT car) in the snow, and if it caused or can cause any issues. The main thing I'm concerned about is the computer not releasing the clutch during a spin, sending the transmission moving backwards while the car is moving forwards coming out of the spin. I was considering trying it 'manual mode' and manually changing gears, but then at the same time I'm still not sure if the computer is smart or quick enough, especially since I have an early model DCT, to release the clutch encase of a spin. I've also heard that in some cars this can damage the starter motor.

Slightly off topic but I'm also wondering if it's safe to do the classic 'meal trays under the rear tires with the handbrake on' gag. I've seen Hoonigan do this with a Veloster N, but it was a manual, and I've been wondering if I could do the same in my car without destroying it. Or J-Turns or anything similar. Since I don't have control of the clutch, I'm wondering if this is safe to do.

If anybody could give me some info on what's safe to do with a DCT, that'd be great.
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