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1. Home Page

Our home page can be found at The home page has navigation at the top, main content for top stories, VOTM winners, etc. and searching capabilities.

1. Navigation -
1.1 Home page - back to where you at
1.2 Forum - This is where the navigation tree for the forum is, this is the most popular area of the site with the most content.
1.3 Garage - This is where members can update pictures and information about their Velosters
1.4 Blogs - Not very common, users can create Blogs about certain content if they wish
1.5 What's New - This tab is very helpful in showing all of the threads that were updated since you last visited. (I use this primarily)
1.6 Everything Else - not used very often, click at your own will

2. Page content - This section features news or popular threads. Most of the time this has our Veloster of the month winner featured.

3. Site Navigation
- This section is another way to navigate but probably not used as often

4. Search - this is the MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE FORUM :) There is a lot of content on this forum, if you have a question, please try and search to see if it was asked already before creating a new thread.

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2. Forum

The forum section of the website has all of the categories and sub-categories that you can navigate to. You will notice that the sections are split up logically so if you are looking for Items for sale you will see a "Classified" section (not pictured) and under that there is a For Sale Section and a Want to Buy Section. You will notice that the Veloster "General Discussion" section is the most popular with 50,000+ posts, you can imagine it is hard to find threads in there so please try and find a section that is more specific for your post like under the "Hyundai Veloster Tech" section which breaks it down into wheels/exterior/interior/engine/etc. If you do not create your thread in the right section on accident you can message any of the moderators to move it for you instead of creating a duplicate.

1. Search - Use this search box first if you have a question. You can navigate as well but if you have a specific question you can use this search box to locate it faster. The search box on the home page that was described earlier has an Advanced search which you can choose specific sections to search on and other neat things. If you post a thread that has been asked a million times before, you will be shunned :) Just kidding but sometimes answering the same questions over and over again can get old. Feel free to bump old threads, we prefer to see that instead of 100 threads on the shift lag.

2. Navigation - Use this section to navigate to the specific category you want to see, within these sections you will find the threads that have been created and the threads that have been stickied at the top.

3. Last post information - Here you can see the last post, who posted it and the thread it was posted. If you click on the blue box with the double arrow it will bring you directly to that post

Forum (part 2)
Once you navigate to a section of the forum, you can see the threads that have been stickied and the normal threads - sorted by most recent post. The green arrow is an indicator that you have posted in that thread. If you hover over the mail image on the left (number 4 in image below) you can see how many posts you have in that particular thread.

To open a thread, simply click the text hyperlink. Example "How-to use Forum" (which I hope you know how to navigate since you are here already :))

1. Search - First thing you should do. There are two boxes to search on (dunno why), the second one has that advanced search which is better and offers more flexibility on configuring your search to give you what you are looking for.

2. Sticky threads - These threads have been sticked by moderators because they are either popular or informative. Each of the sections have their own Sticky threads so these will vary depending on where you are located in the navigation state.

3. Normal threads - These are the normal threads which are created by the members of the community.

4. Info about thread - Green arrow indicates you have posted in this thread, if you mouse over this image you can see how many posts you have. If you have not posted in this thread and mouse over you will see a snort snippet on the content in this thread.

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3) Search

This is the most useful part of the forum, if you have read the above sections then you should know how to get to search. If you use the regular search (not advanced) then simply type in your search query. You will see a lot of threads come up, these threads contain the search term you queried for. You can scroll down and page through the results. If the results that came back were not what you were looking for or there were too many results, then you can alter your query to get better results or try the advanced search (see next picture)

Advanced Search
Here you have more control over your searching capabilities. Make sure your query is specific enough to find what you are looking for but not overly specific where it is unlikely to return any results.

1. Search Type - here you can determine what type of search (99.999999% of the time it is posts for you)
2. Keywords - put your search query here.
3. Search entire post or title of thread
4. User Name - you can find posts only by that user if you wish
5. Only posts by that user or the threads started by that user
6. Tag - When a member creates a thread they can put "tags" where you can search off of those as well
7. Search in Forum(s) - you can specify the forum or subforum you wish to search in. If you hold ctrl (command in mac maybe?) while clicking the forums you can select multiple forums to search in.
8. Find threads with - you can specify the number of replies in that thread
9. Find posts - You can specify the date range for the posts
10. Sort Results by - You can sort the results by last post date, thread creation date, number of view/replies, title, user name, and forum.
11. Show results as - You can show the results as threads or posts (posts is the default view for non-advanced search).
12. Search Now - After you configure your search click this button.
Not numbered (below 11) you can save your search preferences if you want to.

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4) Replying to a thread

Once you navigate to a thread and you would like to post a question/comment/concern/etc. There are a couple of ways to do it:

First way: Scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see a white box under "Quick Reply". Here is where you can type your message, then click the "Post Quick Reply" button (1).

Second Option: click "Go Advanced" (2) and you will get more options that those found in Quick Reply. You will see an "Additional Options" where you can configure your post to show your signature, parse links, etc. Also you can subscribed to the thread, manage attachments, and rate the thread. In the advanced section you can also preview your post before you reply.

Third way: If you see a post that you would like to reply to and include a "quote" you can select "reply with quote" at the bottom right hand corner of the users' post. Or you can also just reply to the thread by clicking the "reply" button.

The quoted images look like this:

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6) Creating a new thread

After you have exhausted your searching abilities and trying to navigate the forum to find posts related to your topic and you feel as though you are out of options and in desperate need to get your question or thought out there you need to create a new thread.

Some common threads that are created by members are build threads, you can create your own here for non-turbo velosters and here for turbo velosters. If you have a random thought we have an off-topic discussion section where you can create threads on things not related to Velosters, a popular thread in that section is our random chat thread (enter at your own risk :)). There is also a thread for things you did to your veloster that you might want to share or Pictures that don't deserve their own thread. If you are new and want to contribute to our Face to Name thread feel free to. Lastly if you want to be added to our super duper cool Map of the United States, reply to that thread.

When you want to create a new thread, navigate to the relevant forum and even sub-forum if needed where you want your post to live. Choose wisely, because if you create a new thread on what type of rims you want to buy under General Discussion one more time I will - ...never mind just try and pick a sub forum that is relevant to your topic, if there isn't a sub-forum that makes sense then you can put it under General Discussion.

Once you navigate to your desired location to create your thread, you click the "Post New Thread" button. You will notice that it looks similar to the Advanced Reply format. Here you will add your descriptive title (1), compose your message (2), create a poll, configure things how you want, and then "Submit New Thread" (3).

Please make your title descriptive, not just "wheels" maybe "Brand XYZ wheels - how is the quality?" Something that will be easier for others to search on if they have the same problem or question. Again in your message itself be descriptive, if you don't have your Veloster version/year/color/etc. in your signature then specify that information so that people will know without having to ask.

After you submit your thread you can view it by going back to the sub-forum you created it in and clicking on it as you would any other thread. If you created it in the wrong section us moderators might have moved it for you, so check the section you should have posted it in :) or message one of the moderators.

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7) Editing your profile settings

Time to configure your profile. There are a lot of things you can do but I will go into the most general and from there you can configure and tweak how you like.

First things first, to get to your profile settings you can see at the top right of every page you will see the box stating "Welcome, <your user name>" and under that notifications (for private messages), "My Profile"(1), "Settings"(2), and "Log Out".

First we will start with My Profile page, click that link you will get a page like below.

My Profile

When you first get to your profile you will see the tabs at the top, default is Visitor Messages, go ahead and click the "About Me" tab (1)
2) Location - here you click the pencil to edit your location, it is a great idea to do this for a number of reasons, if you don't want to be specific to city, state you could do just state or even country, the more information on your location the more the other members can help if you have a question as the Veloster differs by country.
3) Occupation - here you can edit your occupation (if you wish but not at all necessary) and your interests if you want.
4) Latest posts/threads - here are links to your latest posts and started threads, you can also see these on other member profile pages
5) Likes received/given - as you can see I like to give likes, you can see your statistics here and you can see this on other member pages as well
6) Statistics - this section has your post count, messages, join date, etc.

You can edit your signature and your image in the next section, settings.


Once you click the Settings button in the top left you will see a page with left navigation.

1) Garage - Manage your garage to add pictures/description of your cars
2) Inbox - Here you can see your inbox and sent items to other members
3) Subscriptions - Here is a list of all of the threads you are subscribed to
4) Edit Profile - Here you can edit:
- Email and password
- Setup a security question
- Set your date of birth and show/hide it
- Put your own website URL
- Instant messaging information
- Another place to edit your location/occupation/interests/etc.
5) Edit Profile Picture - This is the picture that others will see when they go to your profile page (not the one that shows up on each of your posts)
6) Edit Avatar - This is the picture that will show up on each of your posts under your name on the left hand side
7) Edit Signature - This will be the text that shows up after each of your posts at the bottom, most members put the information about their car in here and we would recommend that so if you have a question others will know what year/version you already have
8) Profile Privacy - Here you can setup what other members see when they visit your profile page
9) Edit Email & Password - You can change your email and password here (go figure)
10) General Settings - Here you can edit:
- login/privacy changes
- Messaging and notifications for emails, subscribed threads, and visitor messaging on your profile
- Thread display options
- Date & Time Zone
- Miscellaneous

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8) Pasting images into your posts

There are a couple ways to put images into your post.

1) Use the Insert image button - You have a limited amount of space to upload photos - you can remove attachments under the settings - miscellaneous section.

2) Use another website to host your image and include the URL with IMG tags

Create a photobucket or imgur account, upload a picture. Right click the picture and click "Copy". Come over the to forum, right click and paste

Go to and sign into your account. Click upload

Once that image is uploaded, left click the image.

Then once it opens, right click the image and select "Copy image" - sometimes you might have to do this multiple times for some reason.

Then come over to where you are writing up your very informative post and right click and select "Paste"

You will now see your image, sometimes it may be really large, the forum should scale it back if it can. Other times you will need to update the size of your image yourself.

3) Inserting images from the interwebs

The same steps can be done to paste an image from the internet into the forum without needing to upload that image to your photobucket account. Simply find an image you want to paste in, right click it, copy it and paste it into your post

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9) Links in your posts/signature
To insert a link into your post you can paste the link directly.

The other option is to write some text. Highlight the text. I
n the editor panel select "Link" and paste your web address


The same can be done in your signature as well.
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