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Has anyone managed to setup a horn with an aftermarket steering wheel? I just got my DND wheel and hub and it's a lot different then my old 03 eclipse, just looking at where to start.
Nice setup and love the wheel.
I'll be doing mine this week as the nrg hub, gen2 quick release, and wheel have arrived at the house waiting to be installed.

I would have figured the horn would be relegated to the center wheel button. 🤨
I'll know more when I get home to check it out and get it installed.

If all else fails you can do like I did and add a horn button just under the steering console for the horn.
I had to do that with my Toyota Paseo when I added my grant wheel to the car.

Good luck and I did notice a gauge on your dash. Is that for a tach or what gauge are you using. Just curious.
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