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Hi y'all,

My wife and I were driving down the highway earlier this week going around 70 with the cruise control on. All of a sudden, my car's speed dropped to 65. I turned off cruise control and I tried to accelerate by getting up to 4k rpms but nothing worked. It quickly lost full power and we had to cruise to a pull off. As we were able to get on an off ramp, the check engine light came on and white smoke started pouring from the exhaust. Prior to getting it towed, I was able to check the oil levels (which wasn't low a week ago) and they were really low. However, I wasn't able to check coolant due to the temp. I did turn it on once more about an hour later and within 5 seconds, white smoke started bolting out of the car.

The car's now at the dealership and it seems like what they're recommending as next steps is for maintenance and not actually trying to fix the root of the problem. They wouldn't go into detail but stated they ran "tests" and found that all four cylinders are periodically misfiring randomly.

They recommended that I change the oil, replace the spark plugs (which I changed about 5k miles ago with Hyundai certified spark plugs), and replace two ignition coils. Am I crazy to think that this isn't going to help anything?!

Obviously I don't want my Veloster to have a blown head gasket, a cracked cylinder or an engine block, because the white smoke from the exhaust makes me think I'm dealing with major damage. I also don't want to throw a ton of money at this to then turn around and say that I need a new motor.

The only other things I'm thinking may be the problem is that either the high pressured fuel pump went bad or there's an issue with the throttle body but, still, the fact that there was obvious misfirings and the presence of white smoke from the exhaust makes me fear the worst.

Has anyone experienced this before or have any thoughts?

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they need to run a compression and leakdown test first and foremost and if the results come back positively, move on to troubleshooting.
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