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European software update?

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Hey I'm looking at updating my the media unit and maps on my 2012 European non turbo.
I've just sat a trawled through loads of threads on here talking about the update but I can't seem to find any concrete links as to where to download the software? Does it need to be from the hyundai website or is it still available elsewhere?
I'm under no illusions that my car would take the latest software avaliable as its a 10 year old gen 1 but I hoping for at least a 2015-16 update if possible as that's when they stopped selling them over here.
I've attached a picture of the current software if it's of any use.

Any help would be great
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Surely there must at least be a map update avaliable?
The website displayed in the csr doesn't even deal with Hyundai anymore 🤕
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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