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In no particular order

vw golf mk1
vw golf mk2
Seat ibiza
Toyota celica
Subaru impreza
Mini 1300
Kia picanto
Peugeot 206 turbo (still here)
hyundai Veloster

As for motorcycles I owned a **** ton lol (25 plus ish)

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Let's see
1985 chevy citation
1995 honda civic
1970 opel gt
1985 olds custom cruiser
2000 olds alero
1968 olds cutlass s
2007 hyundai elanrtra
1999 jeep cherokee

Still have
2006 sonata
2012 rav4
1971 olds cutlass convertible

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Hey why not, it's slow at work today. My list isn't as big as some of you folks, but it's got some really unique ones! I always have a blast reading what everybody has had, we're pretty lucky to have these experiences. I'm going in order:

71 Datsun 510 Wagon
88 Chrysler Daytona
89 Toyota SR5 Pickup
99 Sunfire GT (first brand new car)
85 Corolla GTS
87 Pathfinder SE
83 Camaro Berlinetta
80 Buick Century Estate Wagon
87 Celebrity Eurosport
81 Mazda RX7
06 Lancer Ralliart
96 Ram 1500 4x4
09 Lancer Ralliart
93 Grand Cherokee Limited
99 Sunfire GT Convertible
95 Viper RT/10
12 Veloster Base
01 Viper GTS
14 Viper GTS (still own, someone will have to pry the keys out of my cold, dead hands)
19 Veloster Turbo. (not great in snow, but it's the best daily driver I've had for many years)
141 - 143 of 143 Posts
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