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I have an 2012 automatic non-turbo Veloster. I've had issues in the past when shifting to R, nothing happens, then I have to shift back to P the R then it engages. After 2 years of that random issue things have gotten worse. The mechanics told me I need a new transmission because it would move in D for 1 min then disengage and in Neutral (still in drive but doesn't move). I was reversing down a long driveway fine for 1 min then reverse stopped working. I've read some things that it could be the Gate Shite actuator. Has anyone found that it was a different solution? Is this something a beginner can replace themselves? Any help and guidance would be appreciated. Just spent $1500 or plugs, coils, transmission flush, and a couple others then this issue happen 1 week later. Not sure away to do. Thanks in advance
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