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Recently I've been experimenting with different combinations of deletions of parts of the exaust and felt I should share my findings with those wondering.
A muffler delete makes the car fairly loud from the cabin, not like honda civic fart can loud, but decently loud. The drone isn't horrible and I could live with the setup, although it would be too loud for most. I thought it sounded good, my strict father did not agree.
A resonator delete changes the exaust sound so little, if it were changed without the owner knowing, they may never realize. As long as the muffler is still there, the resonator delete adds just the slightest but of sound, but no drone on the highway.
A resonator AND muffler delete on this car was one of the most unbearable things I've ever experienced. The entire cabin vibrated like a giant back massage. Although not too much louder than just a muffler delete, the vibration and drone was horrid, and I had a headache after driving a few miles.
I hope this helps someone!
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