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Hi all,

I'm still new here, so if this is the wrong forum, my apologies.

I'm having trouble with my HVAC. my heat won't engage. Air coming out of my vents is cold, same temperature on max as it is on low. I've scoured as much of the internet as i've had time for but I can't find what I think I need to know. Hopefully someone can help me here.

I originally thought maybe my heater core was clogged or needed replacement, but checking temperatures of the inlet and outlet lines in front of the firewall, they're only about 3 degrees different from each other. So I don't believe that to be the issue.

I tried to do a "blend door actuator" calibration that I found on an elantra forum, but it did not do anything.

When I try to change from Low to Max on the temp knob, I do not hear anything activating behind the dash. I have a feeling it's my actuator that is bad. however what I need to know is where the actuator is.

Can someone point me in the right direction? I looked behind my glove box and underneath it but I don't see anything that looks like the actuator. Is it hidden somewhere behind the box and i'm just not seeing it? is it behind the center part of the dash? (oof) Can i just manually move my blend door to heat? winter is on here full time now.

I would love to do this repair myself if possible. Anything y'all can point me to would be fantastic. Heated seats won't keep me warm enough for long and I can't afford to pay labor to get this fixed.

Thanks in advance!
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