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Okay everybody this has been a fun one not my car friend's car got in an accident took out the headlight on the driver side and the fuse box and the air box basically I have one by one replaced all the wires into a new fuse box which was a bear of a job and I will never do it again I don't know why there's no plugs on the back like every other car made after 1994 anyway I have a couple of codes everything else seems to be going fine my guess is it's the wiring that was broken off the fuse box that I didn't know what location they would go into basically I'm throwing p0445, p0078, and p0075. I'm pretty sure I got one of the wires backwards I just can't decide if it's going to be the fan relay or the Purge control solenoid valve intakes owner valve sensor 2 fuse. Any thoughts would help.
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