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2016 Hyundai veloster AC stopped working 馃槨馃サ

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Hi guys I'm having a hell of a time trying to get this pos ac on my 16 veloster turbo working! The dam thing worked fine last year and went to use it on the first hot day and now it won't work! I have tested relays and fuse and the ambient sensors and there all fine. Installed a new pressure switch and added new coolant. The ac clutch spins free and the ac will work when I hard wire it straight to the battery. It pumps as it should! So the issue is what ever tells the car to send electric to the clutch to power it on. I tested the electrical plug from the car to the pressure switch. 2 of the pins shows nothing on voltage. The 3rd pin shows 5.3 volt on the ohm meter set on 12v test. Only thing I haven't changed is the control panel in the car which seems to work fine on all the settings and the ac button lights up when pressed as it should. I'm out of ideas what else it could be. Anyone here have any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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sounds like it may be the button - does the car idle change when you push it?
No the ac dose nothing when pushed. The clutch don't kick on at all.
The blower motor switch is going out on mine. Seems to be a common problem. Will only work on full blast now, and that will go out soon. Have to replace the whole assembly, and probably the harness if it's melted. Open up your dash & check that out...
O no blowers fine. The problem is the Cars not telling the ac compressor to turn on. I have checked ohms from the pressure switch plug to the compressor when ac button is on there's no 12 volt going to the clutch to kick on the compressor.
Did some more digging today and found out that the cars not sending power to turn on the relay to the ac! I used this jumper wire that's in the pic and bypassed the relay and the ac kicked on and gets cold! So the issue is inside the car and nothing under the hood. Only problem is I don't know what it could be. Dose the cars computer control the power sent to relay or the controls on the dash (which shows no indication of failure) I'm afraid to run the ac by bypassing the relay cause I don't know if the compressor would kick off after building up so much pressure or if it would pump until it blows up! I'm stumped on what it could be. Any ideas


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Finally got it working it was the dam climate control panel. I took it out took it all apart probe around with a multi meter and put it all back together and just tried it one last time and wahlaa it started working again 馃槂
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Hello, Bill here. I have a Boston Red 2016 VT , seven speed with paddles with the auto temp control (tech package).
My AC just stopped working, fan runs and I can hear the compressor kick in when I start the ac.
This is a 17,000 mileage car. Did you find a solution or did it just start working?
This is a Florida car so I also have the dreaded clearcoat failure issue common the Hyundai and Kia.
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