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I'm subscribed to the ACCC Product Safety mailing list and get periodic emails about various product recalls. This one was released on August 2nd 2019.

Went to my dealers service center last week and had to make then look into it before they confirmed that yes,m my car was actually a part of the recall. Had the ECU flash done today. I've got a 2014 SR model but it's manufacture date on the plate is November 2013. I do recommend anyone with a Veloster around 2013-2014 vintage check with their dealer to clarify their eligibility. It's free after all.

Interesting thing. Hyundai have had a recall on this overseas for about five months now. Check this post from 5 months ago.

I never did get contacted by my dealer about the recall. Interesting to note in the article from the FOX news website...:

"Both automakers are under investigation by NHTSA for potentially being slow to fix faulty vehicles."

It refers to other issues with the same engine causing fires in other models as well as in Velosters. I'm more than a little concerned that it took the ACCC website's mailing list to notify me of this recall and not Hyundai Australia itself.
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