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2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Front Bumper

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Does anyone know where i could find another one of those bumper brackets to attach it too ? Recently my bumper got ripped off & it broke the right side one off & i can’t attach the bumper on that side, send help lol.
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it bolts to the headlamp. you will have to remove the bumper and remove that bracket from the bumper, then remove the screws. epoxy it back in place and drill the holes about 1/2 inch longer and get longer screws.
without that bracket you may be SOL - to be honest i dont think it does much to hold the bumper UP, just in place. on my VT i changed out the bumper radiator support brackets with thicker ones

this is how it looks on my car - the brackets busted off lol so i removed the screws, drilled longer holes and added longer screw as well as epoxy to hold everything together a little better.
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this is the bracket i created.
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this isn't my photo but it shows the bracket on the bottom.
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those are the bumper>fender brackets . OP has headlight bracket troubles.
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