I am selling a used 2012-2016/17 Hyundai Veloster power steering rack and pinion. Not sure if it's compatible with the VT. I've had it in the back seat of my car for about a year now and has never been installed. I originally bought it for my NAV when I got into an accident last year but my mechanic said I didn't need a new one after all. I'm now in a VT which is why I'm selling it as I don't need it. I did have to use one tie rod end from it on the NAV but you can buy one if you need one or just unscrew the one that's there. Absolutely no leaks and seals are new.

I'm asking $100 cash with local Denver, CO pickup. Please contact me if you're interested in it being shipped and I will find the price of shipping for you.

Imgur since the image sizes are too big: