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Price: $1,200 OBO
Location: Westchester, IL.
Pickup Only, however will meet you 1-hr from my home if needed.

I have for sale a set of MSW wheels, and Pirelli SotoZero 3 non run-flat tires used for one season on my previously owned 2020 Veloster N w/P.P.
These were used for ~5,000 miles or so, and is obvious which were on the drive wheels and which were on the back (based on wear).
The fronts have ~5-6mm of tread depth left (my gauge is pretty shitty, but works), and the rears have ~7-8mm of tread left.
These were purchased new from TireRack in 2020, at a cost of ~$1,700. I have the receipt if interested.

Wheels: 18X8 Glass Black Painted MSW Type 71's.
Tires: 225/40R18 Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 N4 (Porsche; no idea, what TireRack recommended).
Other: Black valve sleeve and cap. 433MHZ TPMS sensors.

Wheels are in excellent condition, no curb rash or markings that I know of.
I'm only selling these as I no longer own the Veloster N these were mounted on.
See pics, ask any questions.
*If you think there's a blemish, or something on a wheel, it is likely camera glare or dust. I can take close up pics if needed. These are in excellent condition.
I should have the lugs as well, just need to locate them.

Also I know I'm not on here/somewhat a new member, but I have a presence on other forums with the same screen name. Currently that's mostly on Emby forums, but I have some history on random bimmer forums, cadillac forums, etc.

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