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  1. Hyundai Veloster Engine and Transmission
    So after months of intermittent hesitation during shifts and acceleration, the check engine light not coming on until 2-3 months into the problems, and three different shops not being able to diagnose it...the dealership finally said they found a lot of loose metal in the transmission. Quoted me...
  2. Hyundai Veloster Engine and Transmission
    The body is a 2012 but previous owner put a 2015 motor in it and the transmission went out. What transmissions can I use? I know the 2012 isn't meant to be matched to the 2015 1.6 motor
  3. Hyundai Veloster Engine and Transmission
    I need help please. My Veloster does not move when put on reverse. Instead the “R” on the dashboard just blinks. Other gears switch well. It’s been the same for a few days now. Any idea what could be the issue?
  4. Hyundai Veloster Engine and Transmission
    I started noticing this out of nowhere about 3 weeks ago. Press the gas pedal and the car feels like it's going to stall, and then will kick into gear. It will hesitate and jerk as you continue to accelerate. Then I noticed that it's only intermittent. About 50% of the time it does this, and the...
  5. Hyundai Veloster Engine and Transmission
    New member here, this is my first post as I just got my V a few weeks ago and I really hope I'm posting this in the right section. Found a used 2012 non-turbo V DCT for a really good price and only 104,000 miles on the odometer so I grabbed it pretty quick. The same day I brought it home it...
  6. Hyundai Veloster General Discussion
    I bought my 2014 r spec used in April with 80k miles on it. Ever since the start I’ve had problems shifting into second gear, now am having problems downshifting into second gear, it sometimes won’t even go in it at all, so I need to shift into third. Is anyone else having this problem or can...
  7. Hyundai Veloster General Discussion
    Hey guys, I have a 2013 Hyundai Veloster (base) manual with about 80,000 miles on it. Last Wednesday, basically out of nowhere, my car started doing this weird almost-stalling thing whenever I put it into gear. I would shift and it would kind of lurch forward like it was about to stall. My...
  8. Hyundai Veloster Engine and Transmission
    Tl;dr - transmission needs replacing in my 2013 1.6L DCT (base automatic dual clutch, non-turbo, to be clear). Would a trans from a 2012 work as a replacement? Hello all. Total newbie here. Been following these forums for ages but finally need to ask for help. BACK STORY: my 2013 needed a new...
  9. Hyundai Veloster Engine and Transmission
    I have a 2013 veloster dct non turbo automatic. Put in a good transmission today and filled with 2 quarts of fluid like I read everywhere. I noticed we drained 4 quarts of fluid from the transmission drain plug. So far the car wont drive proper on the Jack stands. Its sporadic and inconsistent...
  10. Hyundai Veloster Engine and Transmission
    I have a 2013 VT 6 speed manual with about 64000 miles on it. I have had it for a little over a year now and I am the third (maybe fourth) owner. I didn't realize it when I bought it (first manual, second car) but it has issues shifting, especially at high rpm. This might be a long post, but I...
  11. Hyundai Veloster Audio and Electronics
    Howdy, My ECU has gone crazy. Please see youtube video . All lights on gauges are incorrect and randomly turn on and off. Additionally tranny is not shifting correctly at all. I have a 2016 turbo. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated, please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp! ???
  12. Hyundai Veloster Engine and Transmission
    As I’m slowing down to go over speed bumps or slowing down at a red light, my transmission does not engage and the gear grind when I don’t come to a complete stop.have taken my 2016 VT to the dealership who resets the transmission ECU every time... do I have any recourse... I love my car and...
  13. Hyundai Veloster Engine and Transmission
    Tranny won't hardly go into reverse, when it does and I start to back out of the drive way it kicks out of gear like it's in neutral. When driving it will do OK for about 2 minutes then it acts like the clutch is disengaging and it starts to "slip". Any way to test the actuator to see if that's...
  14. Hyundai Veloster Engine and Transmission
    Thank you in advance for your time. 2013 Veloster (non-turbo) Automatic "EcoDrive" Transmission My son is off in Basic/Infantry Training and Jump School; since he's been gone, I've moved his vehicle weekly at most. We purchased a new battery for the car in December before he left for Basic in...
  15. Hyundai Veloster Engine and Transmission
    Hello Guys, I got a used engine installed on my veloster by my mechanic but he is having a little bit of issues with automatic transmission not being installed properly. Is there a guide or video that shows how to install it !??
  16. Hyundai Veloster General Discussion
    I’m going to be replacing the tranny on my 2012 Hyundai Veloster manuel. I was wondering what’s the best transmission gasket material would be. Thanks, Jared
  17. Hyundai Veloster General Discussion
    I have a 2012 veloster 1.6 base. I hit a deer a while back and now just starting working on it. I took off the front bumper and impact bar and noticed that the engine had some play in it. I got under the car and noticed that the transmission mount had broke off and a piece of the transmission...
  18. Hyundai Veloster Engine and Transmission
    I have a question I need change the fluid of my HV dual clutch transmission, but I don't found the OEM fluid, but I bougth Motul Multi DCTF, that's works good?
  19. Hyundai Veloster Engine and Transmission
    Today I turn on my veloster and I put it on reverse wouldn’t move at all until I put it on drive and then reverse veloster 2016 base model
1-20 of 116 Results