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  1. N Series
    Looking to buy an 2019 Turbo but I would like to add the N's Wing to it for purely aesthetic reasons Anyone know if it will fit.
  2. Hyundai Veloster News and Reviews
    Read more about the Hyundai’s N Sub-Brand Will Add N Sport Models and Accessories at
  3. Hyundai Veloster General Discussion
    from the official website Veloster 2 will be available in 6 models: Standard, Premium, Turbo R spec, Turbo, Turbo Ultimate and finally N This Non Turbo and Turbo will have the same...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Not sure when the 2016 models are shipping out to the dealers but I went to my local dealer this past Friday for the first oil change on my new Veloster and walked around the dealer during the wait to check out the cars. They finally moved the 5 2015 models they had on this lot where they...
  5. Hyundai Veloster Turbo Performance
    I'm looking for difference I know r spec is manual only is anything else different,my wife wants turbo,I'm willing to go with rspec hyundai wants are cars they keep calling and are will to by ours back I'm going to work a deal out with them
  6. Hyundai Veloster Interior
    So I have a 2012 NonTurbo with style package. (btw when people say, "Nav" does that mean non-turbo with tech package(with navigation uint), all non-turbo models or all velosters with the tech package?) Anyway, I bought footwell lights last year and they are great. 7 Color 4pc LEDGlow LED...
  7. Hyundai Veloster Exterior and Lighting
    Just wondering if anyone knows a way to purchase the little blind spot mirrors that come standard on the 2014 Veloster? I currently have a cheap little generic one. But it looks a little out of place and would really love the ones that are specifically shaped to fit on the Veloster mirrors. I...
  8. Hyundai Veloster General Discussion
    Well my wife is currently driving our brand new Boston Red V as I'm writing this, stuck at work. We went for the Base model with DCT (Auto) and live in Montreal, Qc. From what I've gathered, it seems there are quite a few differences between the Canadian and US versions as well as different...
  9. Hyundai Veloster Turbo Discussion
    Pretty sure the VT is the car I want. Curious when the new models are anticipated to come out. Should I wait & see if any changes/improvements? Or just get a car you are quite happy with. Always a hard question.
  10. Hyundai Veloster General Discussion
    Hyundai, Kia Admit to Overstating Gas Mileage on Most Models | News I wonder if the NA V or VT fall into this category??? This was a big selling point on both my purchases... I wonder if I would get money back for both VT and NA V? Thoughts?
  11. Hyundai Veloster Media, Pictures and Videos
    I just went to the dealership and they obviously have the new 2013 models I really like (int. & ext.) the elantra GT & Coupe but I'm not sure about the front of VT:
  12. Diode Dynamics
    Hyundai Veloster Backup LEDs Here's a great way to upgrade your Hyundai Veloster's appearance and safety at night. Diode Dynamics' LED great additions to any tail lights, and can be easily installed, plug-and-play. No resistors or wiring needed. Diode Dynamics carries the brightest...
  13. Hyundai Veloster Audio and Electronics
    After a crash, my dealer removed the head unit so i was able to take some photos and investigate it. Comparing with a diagram of components, i discovered that doesnt exists any gps antenna cable connected do headunit, so, every try to make it work (via software) will fail. View image...
  14. Diode Dynamics
    Hyundai Veloster Fog Light LED Bulbs Diode Dynamics carries LED bulbs for replacement of your Hyundai Veloster's fog lights or DRLs, in all major sizes. This will make your fog lights a nice bright white! Just simple plug and play, replace the bulb and you are good to go! Diode Dynamics...
  15. Zen Motors
    We now carry Trak Lite Wheels, Contact us for all your needs! Please Contact me for pricing & Availability
  16. Hyundai Veloster General Discussion
    I know this way to early to predict but how many different model/trims of the Veloster do you expect to see? I think: - base - mid level - mid level w/Navi - high end with everything
1-16 of 18 Results