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  1. Hyundai Veloster Audio and Electronics
    Does anyone have any pics of their sub install? Searching here as well as the turbo site, all I could find was one guy did a small fiberglass enclosure to one side of the hatch area. Has anyone else done any fiberglass enclosures, or do we just throw a big box in the hatch and call it a day...
  2. Hyundai Veloster Interior
    Cloth seats are not very comfortable, and looks like the drivers side has a fabric ridge developing. Local junkie has leather/clth seats from uplevel NAV, or leather seats from turbo r spec, etc. Can i do a swap out, or does the computer have to be re programmed because of the seatbelts? thx...
  3. Interior
    Retention studs and the mat grommets seem to be in significantly different positions. The passenger mat with a single grommet is only offset about an inch, so I can mostly deal with that, but the driver's side is completely impossible to install. Did my dealer give me the wrong mats somehow...
  4. Hyundai Veloster Engine and Transmission
    Hello Guys, I got a used engine installed on my veloster by my mechanic but he is having a little bit of issues with automatic transmission not being installed properly. Is there a guide or video that shows how to install it !??
  5. Hyundai Veloster Turbo Problems/Help
    I just installed a 2016 engine in my 2013 turbo veloster with automatic transmission. The car runs, shifts and sounds great under normal cruising. When I punch it, the rpms go up with no increase in speed as if the passing gear isn't engaging? Could low transmission fluid cause this? I lost...
  6. Hyundai Veloster Intake and Exhaust
    Good Day everyone. I decided after long thought to purchase the Maintec header. The header is solid and is manufactured in South Korea. The build quality is great and the welds were clean, absolutely no burs like cheap OBX headers or other knock offs. The header makes the exhaust note louder...
  7. Hyundai Veloster Turbo Discussion
    I recently purchased a catless DP from CNT and I would like to install it myself. However after reading a few post about bolts breaking off at the elbow I am a bit worried. Since the CNT DP mounts to the stock elbow do i have nothing to worry about? If the bolts on the DP side of the elbow are...
  8. Hyundai Veloster Intake and Exhaust
    Hey guys did the sxth ee short ram intake install for my Veloster Rspec if you guys wanna check it out I’ll be having a few more videos up soon after the parts come in!
  9. Hyundai Veloster Media, Pictures and Videos
    Hello guys! Here's a video i made of the Injen SRI install on my wife's Veloster. This is my second project along with my 641whp Mustang GT. Hope you guys like the video, don't forget to subscribe because this Veloster is just getting started?
  10. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. Need some help here. I have the 2014 VT trying to install a Mishimoto 2 port catch can. :confused: Is there anyone out there that could assist me with some info. I just don't want to mess anything up being my 1st catch can install. I just recently installed the K&N Typhoon...
  11. Hyundai Veloster Turbo Discussion
    I decided on purchasing the CX Racing coilover kit for the Veloster Turbo and now I have a dilemma. I don't know the best route for getting them installed. I would prefer to do it myself to save money and for the experience, but I don't know much about how to install them. Does anybody know of...
  12. Hyundai Veloster Turbo Discussion
    Hey everyone. I am looking to install a Greddy Profec Electronic Boost Controller. After spending a long time looking into this, I have some questions I hope someone or some of you may be able to help me with. So I believe there is a electronic boost solenoid factory installed, but can...
  13. Hyundai Veloster General Discussion
    I own a blacked out 2012 Veloster Base and im wanting to replace the stock shifter with one that's higher quality/short throw. My only issue is that it has reverse lockout. Is there a way to do this and is it easy? Also does the grill in the middle of the bumper come out to allow for adding a...
  14. Hyundai Veloster General Discussion
    Hello everyone, I installed my mishimoto catch can today, i have attached a picture. One thing im not sure of and want to make sure I have correct is that the connections arent wrong. I have the inlet for the catch can connected to the hose that connects back to the car at the bottom of the...
  15. Hyundai Veloster DIY Tips and Tricks
    Hello All, I picked up a 13" LED light bar for the veloster. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on where i can mount this on stock grill.
  16. Hyundai Veloster Audio and Electronics
    the title says it all. I preferably don't want to have the stock head unit gone. Where is the amp? On the internet I've seen stock amps under passenger seat??? But mine is not there? Can I update/hack into the head unit software so it doesnt send the low frequencies to the stock speakers and...
  17. Hyundai Veloster Audio and Electronics
    I am trying to install the homelink mirror in my Veloster. And come to find out that none of the buttons work other than the compass. So I talked to somebody who said that I have to install a constant hot wire in order for the garage door opener, sos, blue link buttons to work. Does anybody have...
  18. Hyundai Veloster Audio and Electronics
    I bought a Homelink mirror to install in my Veloster thinking it was just plug and play. But nothing on the new mirror other than the compass works. Will I have to install a new harness as well for the garage opener, bluelink, etc to work?
  19. Hyundai Veloster Exterior and Lighting
    I've got a base Veloster and I desperately want to add foglights to it. Would I need to buy a new wire harness for the foglights to work? Reason I ask is because I tried to install the Premium Veloster mirror with the garage door openers and apparently you need a whole new harness for it to work.
1-19 of 174 Results