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Boston Red w/ Black/Red interior
DCT, Tech+Style, add-ons: carpeted mats, cargo tray, cargo net, mud guards
Being a fan of the Veloster since the concept, I was ready and excited to purchase one the minute they hit dealer floors in September 2011. I opened a Motozuma saving account and plopped $500 in and matured it to the required 30 days. Unfortunately, no dealers in the NE USA got DCTs early, and they weren't expecting any, especially techs, for the foreseeable future.

So I expanded my search and soon found Velosteraptor six states away on late October 2011- the EXACT transmission, color combo and packages I wanted! It was still in transit from Korea. Built 9/19/11.

So I got my hands on a rare (base) DCT locally and test drove it, then felt comfortable enough to put a down payment on my far away Velosteraptor.

It arrived at the dealer November 10th and I completed the remote paperwork 11/15/11. They kindly tucked my V away and didn't let anyone drive it until I could get there.

Flew to the dealer and picked it up 11/23/11, then drove it home over Thanksgiving holiday with my daughter. Fun trip! Put 800 miles on it in a few days.

After having it home a short time I got the TJ6 ECM update. I hadn't noticed the grinding issue downshifting from 6th to 5th, but did notice the lag/revs going from 1st to 2nd. The update didn't help though and my mpgs decreased.

I later discovered I can avoid the lag/rev issue going into 2nd by driving it like the manual transmission it actually is. Since I had never driven a manual, this was a small learning curve for me.
I had been taking off from a stop the same way I always had with an auto transmission- take foot off brake and immediately hit gas.
NO! Velosteraptor's DCT does not like that!
With V, when I take foot off brake, I must wait a second, feel the clutch engage, THEN hit the gas. Then V takes off like a race horse and does not rev high going into 2nd or 3rd.
Small, change in driving habit = much more fun city driving. :)

I renewed the XM package for 6 months at the discounted rate of $5 USD/mo and plan to switch to the music only plan after that.

I'm still on the extended bluelink free trial. Not sure if I will renew it, maybe the cheapest package. I don't use it.

I do mostly city driving, short trips. My MPGs are lousy- 27, but still better than my old Corolla.

Today- still loving this car!
2012 Hyundai Veloster (Boston Red w/ Black/Red interior)


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