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Showcase cover image for My 2015 Hyundai RB Accent

General Information

RB Accent GLS Sedan
Basic as you can get-6spd manual
Bought it new with 17 miles on the clock.
Future track day car and daily driver.
Ultimate goal is to use a VT engine for a swap and lay down 300 horses to the ground when it's all said and done.
A1272177-EFFA-4C1A-A018-7B014C871D98.jpeg 4C5C7B90-B90E-48F1-AC7F-65CD23AAD7BC.jpeg 5804ED2C-7342-4FF1-BD74-B6BF6B3A703F.jpeg 120DCB6E-2AF1-48C8-B725-88A92D9D2CEF.jpeg DA793AF8-62CB-4CC9-B64C-ABF06E0EBBE5.jpeg D74059C4-E40B-424D-8A38-78483503833A.jpeg 20DF0E73-94F7-4C23-8F9A-BF40BF96B975.jpeg 1BDCF0AD-D325-4C61-9A58-96B369E8EDDE.jpeg FE23C312-C0CA-4B63-AFB2-E4DCECCCC9B8.jpeg 562F78AA-379D-478D-8085-F6A8D36098EB.jpeg B99F9A91-E115-48C9-A09B-CA281F51855F.jpeg B4A434C0-4AE6-4C2F-9DB0-B80F5BEA3209.jpeg DFC2151D-E17C-4339-9487-77FA9B255F9D.jpeg 8B5644AD-F0BF-4998-A0CB-93818AC3D58A.jpeg B2DD05FE-8555-4BC7-95CC-43AA0142EE14.jpeg 93862DE4-490B-4028-93DE-D054166F6F8B.jpeg 4E4087E7-1972-43C2-99F7-97FCDDF5B0BD.jpeg 767BF1D8-7A15-42AB-B869-7D339D00CF65.jpeg 125AF4A7-F269-453A-A953-93862FDD4007.png A5334A9C-3857-49D8-9F21-092FBCB7F83D.png


AEM cold air intake.
FuelLab 10 micron in-line fuel filter

Evilla 2 point front subframe brace.
Evilla x-brace subframe brace-modified.

Custom installed 3 point trunk brace using a front strut brace from a 2001 Lincoln Mark IV.

Evilla rear torsion bar from Pierce MotorSports.
SxthElement NST lightweight water pump and crank pulleys.

Spring valve delete from the slave cylinder.
Billet Racing/ baffled oil pan from KDMTuner.
NRG 2 piece magnetic oil drain plug.

Rear axle drum to disc swap coming soon. Need time to work on it. lol

Elantra 60mm throttlebody.
Throttlebody coolant bypass.

Triple catch cans using 2 Mishimoto and one SAIKOUMICHI Catch cans. Vent to air setup.

Mishimoto 1.3 bar coolant cap.

Setrab 19 row oil cooler w/ integral cooling fan, Setrab isolation mounting bracket, Mishimoto high flow sandwich plate w/ 160 degree t-stat.

Canton Racing Accusump 1qt pre-oiler with valve and dash mounted switch.

SoCalGarage Delrin shifter cable bushings by SxthElement.

Upgraded grounding and battery wiring.
Battery temp sensor delete.

Flaming River 2 pole battery kill switch set to NHRA/ IHRA and SCCA compliance.

SxthElement lower racing engine mount dog bone with 85 durometer bushing.

TTR upper engine mount
Torkon Rigid collars from KDMHolic.
Whiteline adjustable sway bar end links from Evilla.

Moog camber bolts.
H&R springs for now but DGR coilovers are in and ready to install during axle swap.
NRG gen2 quick release.
NRG short hub adaptor.
NRG reinforced steering wheel.

SoCalGarage billet shifter bushings.
Dewhel shift boot adaptor.
SickSpeed shift knob.
Torque Solution billet 3" shifter extension.

Ultragauge OBD2 gauge.
OnlineLedStore 4 gang switch box.
Switch activated upper clutch switch mod I now call "sport mode". 馃槀馃槈

Holley standalone CanBus led shift light hard wired.

AutoMeter gauge pods on steering cover.

2.5 lb BC fire extinguisher rear console mounted for safety and track use.
MidTown Company billet quick release front seat fire extinguisher mount.

Corbeau Forza fixed back racing seats on Corbeau modified Toyota sliders.

Weather tech front floor mats.
Sparco aluminum pedal set hard mounted to pedals.
Subaru front lip installed on front bumper
Modified Ford Fiesta rear mud guards

Korean OEM factory rear spoiler painted factory white.

Custom made side skirts.
KDMHolic lower led rear bumper lights.
Custom led side marker lights front and rear.

Modified lower front upper and lower grill to allow more air flow to the radiator and future fmic.

Functional corner fog light openings for air flow to cai and oil cooler.

Verus Engineering '15 Ford Fiesta ST functional hood louvers from Whoosh MotorSports.

Rennline front tow hook hard mounted to crash bar.

Chase Bays 6061 billet 20oz windshield reservoir tank w/ integral washer motor.
Chase Bays 6061 billet 32 oz coolant reservoir overflow tank.
Bone stock.
Exhaust is my symphony. 馃槈
All led by JDMAStar converted inside and out.
Nokya 2700K headlamps.
Evilla Motorsports mid cat delete pipe.
Custom axle back.
Polyurethane exhaust hangers.
Wheel and Tire
Konig Rewind rims with 15x7 size and 40 offset. 14 pound weight each.

Yokohama S1 summer tire with 205/50R15 size.
McGard spline lug buts with red tips.
949 Racing billet valve stems.


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Hey, this will sound crazy if you aren't...

But are you the same MISNBLU that had the blue Cavalier years ago on

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Look forward to seeing your build, looking forward to getting my 2013 VT back on the road after the 2013 curse blew the motor - coming back with a 2016 motor.

2015 RB Accent not so stock 馃か
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Yeah I've done a lot of reading on the 2013 models and how they're cursed.
For you there shouldn't be a problem with the swap at all. I'd get the ECM from the donor motor just in case if it's available.

The Cavy finally died when it was rear ended by a lady texting and 6 months later one of the cam journals decided to go.
I really miss that car and was my ultimate build I've ever done. So much work and 2 years on jack stands to build it.
But man that car was the bomb. NOBODY wanted to race me because of how the car looked and sounded when it was done. HPTuners worked wonders on the midrange and won many street races with it.

I feel the soul of the Cavy is now in this Hyundai Accent as it will be turbocharged and making a minimum of 300 who if not more.
My ultimate sleeper because nobody would expect an Accent to gap them on the highway.
Im keeping it simpler with this build too as all of the bespoke parts that were on the Cavalier couldn't be replaced so I learned to keep it simple but durable and unbreakable.

You plan on doing anything to the engine on yours?
Got a build thread? Send me a link and I'll follow it. ??

Btw got some nice goodies on the way to the house. ?
I'm so pumped. ?

2013 Veloster Turbo with resonator and muffler delete
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THIS BUILD IS SICKKKKK!!! Love that you are using an accent that's def the Ultimate sleeper. Can't wait to see more!:love: