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  • KJPitt ·
    Hey I saw your old message saying tork is crap. Which company do you prefer to get the tune from? And what's does canned tune mean? I'll read a lot of your replies to others and you seem very knowledgeable so I figured best bet was to ask you before anybody.
    Tuns ·
    I was told it's legal to not have a muffler. All that Texas cares about is if you have a cat. I had my downpipe like that at one point but the vibrations were too extreme. I now have a short pipe going out to the first exhaust mount that directs the exhaust towards the ground.
    VelosteRaptor28 ·
    Had a quick question. Just gutted my second cat, in the process I turned my engine on without any exhaust attached to the now semi gutted downpipe... If i left it just like that, would it be legal? It sounded fricken awesome. Fairly Loud, without a fart-cannon sound to it, and you can hear the turbo spooling wonderfully.
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