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  • only1db ·
    here is the stuff we used to was packaged with V.I.C. combustion chamber cleaner (goes in as vapors through the PVC line to the intake manifold.) the fuel treatment goes into the tank and then we used the Air intake cleaner to clean off the throttle body (it would also go into the intake chamber and clean off whatever it touched. it cost me 20 bucks for the chemicals. I also have the adapter at my house (had it from the dealership). yes a catch can will help out quite a bit...we also dont know who bad the GDI will gunk everything up. Usually the vapors from the fuel will clean the back of the intake valve...but that doesnt happen in the GDI motor as the fuel is put directly into the combustion chamber.

    here is the link to Wynns USA....CAMP // Products // Fuel Service Products
    weloster ·
    That is the name of this wynns product you mentioned. Also this catch can they are talking about in forum what do you think using something like that.

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