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  • 2014-R-SPEC ·
    i noticed that you got the btrcc ecu tune for your car how well does tht work and is it risky for damge to your car im really looking at getting this but i worried about tunning the ecu affraid of what could happen this is my first real project and its on my brand new car so you can see my consernce
    Holt696 ·
    No, I do agree with you. I dont want a bunch of teenagers who think theyve got something to prove running over a little kid crossing the street or something of the sort.
    Holt696 ·
    Did i say anything about illegal street racing on public roadways? No, i didnt. Here in corpus christi we have a privately owned raceway called the grey hound track. look it up. So thanks for closing my post.
    LockingBlock ·
    Dave, so sorry I haven't replied. I just got your message. I am home. I came home right before Christmas and I adapted well. I didn't get a veloster yet. I wish it was a 5 door. Everything else about it is perfect. I am still looking for one in Matte grey.

    How are you? If you ever need to get a hold of me just send me an e-mail. [email protected]

    talk to you soon. I will start signing on more.
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