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  • Vintagemaskman ·
    Hi there. I read your post about "liquid Parrafin"...
    I'm up in Canada, have my Vesloster for 2 months and have rust appearing ALREADY!!!
    Pissed off.
    What were you recommending..?
    Protosynthesis ·
    Hey Niche --

    Sorry about the delay getting back to you, stupid website doesn't make any kind of announcement that someone posts on your 'wall!'

    What server are you playing on SW:ToR? I'd like to play with some people I know.
    android ·
    Not a problem Niche, it's all in good fun.
    It is a HOT color and I am loving every minute of it!!!
    Good Idea...I will look into adding an Album so visitors can check the DROIDster out when they visit.
    Cya in the Forums
    Protosynthesis ·
    LOL! yeah there is plenty of that, across all MMOs. I've got both MW3 and BF3 pre-ordered, gonna play more of the battlefield beta before I finalize my choice. ****, I know myself too well, I'll almost certainly own both!

    Other thing is I have SW:TOR prepaid in full, December 20th can't come soon enough! I had the chance to play the beta at my friend's house and it was better than I thought it would be!
    jadehawk ·
    No yet will here final on Wednesday :) I'm trying not to think too much about the day cause the suspense is killing me LOL It has been a Very LONG weekend :) The dealership you told me about updated their website inventory.. It still shows the pics of the white/red V but with a different VIN number.. Thank you for the heads up :)
    Protosynthesis ·
    haha idk, I still enjoy it. I love the ability to have mixed/matched souls! Yeah WoW is totally down the drain for me also. Just got too bland too quick. I can't decide between MW3 and BF3, both look awesome.

    (I'll have both, I know me too well =P)
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