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  • CoolBreeze ·
    Hey Newbie! What would the chance be that we could start an Australia / New Zealand forum in the Regions section? I know this vehicle is going to seriously take off here, might be advertising opportunities in it as well later down the track.

    Your thoughts?
    Cloudman23 ·
    Dear Newbie,

    I just joined. I don't feel it's appropriate for me to try on my own to start a thread on topics I'm about to suggest so I'm passing this idea on to you to see if you think it might be worth consideration.

    I recently had a terrible time at a dealership where I was blind-sided and my intelligence (no matter how limited) was blatantly insulted. Three days later I went to another dealership (after a phone call) and was treated beautifully. The difference in miles from my home is 25 to the "bad guys" and 64 to the "good guys." I'll drive those extra miles for servicing, that's for sure.

    My suggestion is that we have two threads added: 1) Great experiences with Hyundai dealerships and 2) Terrible experiences with Hyundai dealerships.

    It's my guess that the stories would be extremely interesting. Frankly, I'd be all for this site providing personal ratings of the dealerships they visit - whether they make a purchase or not.


    Pwnyride ·
    I didnt notice the Events and meets section when i made my post, Do u mind moving my IA 2011 meet thread there :D
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