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  • MONFU ·
    Hello Permalink, sorry for take so long to answer your question.
    I got the Magnaflow Muffler and I am really happy with it, it sounds great for me. When I drive at low RPM the sound is light and when I go at Hi RPM it sound just how I like it to sound, strong and deep, and I could say not that louder like a lawnmover.
    I also put a CAI that helps to drop down the RPM faster than with the regular filter and everytime I accelerate it make a sound like "pssss"...
    In the cabin sounds perfect. If you are looking for something very louder you should opt for other option.
    VelosterXII ·
    I see you have the Magnaflow muffler ... I was looking at getting it, was wondering if you could let me know how you like it and how is sounds ? if so Can you hear it in the cabin ? at how many RPMS? Any drone at highway speeds?
    miata ·
    I want mine louder also. But I participate in SCCA autocross in stock class and I don't think I can remove the resonator to stay in the stock class.
    The mechanic who did the installation today told me that if the resonator is taken out the exhaust will be louder.
    I would do it in a heart beat if I didn't have to worry about being in the stock class.
    The muffler has a nice burbling sound currently. I doubt it will lose all of that nice rumble because of the excision of a resonator. Just keep the resonator after taking it off and if the exhaust is just too loud or lawnmower-like, weld it back on.
    I will record the sound tomorrow when I get a sun break.
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