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  • VelosterXII ·
    Awesome, did the sound change quite a bit ? or not much ? any power difference ? and is the OEM resonator straight though or no ?
    VelosterXII ·
    When you installed your resonator, did you delete the secondary cat as well or did you just replace the stock resonator with the magna flow resonator ?
    MONFU ·
    Hello Miata, I saw the work you did on your veloster. Nice job with the muffler and tips. I just installed magnaflow 12224 and I was expecting a nice sound but as soon I got everything installed I was excited but when I turned on the engine, the sound was very light, i barely can fell the diference. Do you think I should remove the second resonator to get a little bit stronger sound? I am not looking for a lawnmover sound... do you have any clip of your car's sound? please advice.
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