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    Yes, all tester cats are on the road now...we should have dyno results soon as well...hang in there...they are awesome!!!

    Take a look in the thread that I started on the product. The catback attached to the end of the converter and goes all of the way to the tips. It is all direct bolt cutting or welding. You will see increased throttle response and a bump up in power. The group buy is unfortunately over, but we still have product ready to ship and our pricing is very competitive for what you are getting, along with free shipping. The kit is complete with everything you need for install. Pictures are located in the thread I started on this forum:)
    Ricky-D ·
    Well, I'm interested. What is the "catback" and is it the total exhaust. Have you any pictures. How easy for the change out. will it change any of the rear appearance on my VT? What should be able to expect about the differences from my stock VT? I see you state "group buy". What does that mean? Is there savings in store for me if I purchase the equipment.. Is the kit totally complete? Thanks, Ricky-D
    Australia is currently $175 for shipping, and takes about 1 week to get there. We use FedEx, as they give us the best rates.
    kelzad ·
    Hello do you ship the turbo v-mach 2n1 catback exhaust kit to Australia? If you do how much will it be altogether? Thanks!
    gprmania ·
    Thank you for the reply.I will wait until your testing is done.
    Once done just let me know of price with shipping to miami Florida.
    I also had one more question about the exhaust.
    Will this void the warranty with Hyundai cause I am trying to do performance upgrades with out voiding the warranty.
    And thanks again for your fast response.

    The turbo kit is almost complete...we have a little more testing to do on it and then we will be releasing it. All details will be available upon release. Thanks so much!!

    gprmania ·
    Hello goingsolo2,
    i have a 2013 veloster turbo and I am interested on purchasing the catback exhaust system.
    Is it available for purchase.
    If it is can you provide price.
    We just released the Hyundai products, so our web guy hasn't put them up yet. They will be up soon, probably after the group buy since the pricing is different:) Thanks so much for the inquiry!!

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