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  • sassyVT13 ·

    I am a new member which is why i don't have to many posts, but i have spent many hours combing this forum for ideas and know how on 2013 Veloster turbo black on blue 6 m/t. Just want to know how to go about getting this awesome software and how to donate.
    drako1830 ·

    First off i love what you have done with these programs!!! I would like to first get the free option an play with it and then i give you your donation for next new version!!!

    I have 2013 VT, please let me know if you need anything more.
    iplaythebassoon ·
    I just donated. Keep up the great work, I hope all is well and look forward to getting the download link. If there is anyway that I can help out, I would love to. I am an iOS developer for apple.
    Dr.V ·
    Hi, sorry for my 3rd message..can i get the free version so i can test in my car if its work or not so i can donat for full the way my car is Veloster 2012 non-turbo

    thanks and i hope to help me soon
    fahen ·
    Hello Dezoris, im searching the software veloster interface install for my car! Can you send it to me... Thank you very much!!!
    Dr.V ·
    Hi,thanks again for the program..i'm sending my message againg so my your besy to see it, i wish you to send me the free version so i can test it on my car

    Thanks Dezoris
    Nate ·
    after reading all the thread post I answered all my questions except the downloading for a mac issue. hook a fellow blue V brotha up. :)
    Nate ·
    Few questions. I seem to be having issues running the set up on a Mac. Any solutions to this? Also will this play only videos that you place on the jump drive and the jump drive must stay plugged in the car to have operation of the playback functions, correct? Thanks for your help man. Great product.
    CoolBreeze ·
    Great work on the videos! I'm hoping to do something more along those lines but in an Australian version. There's so much difference between our regions vehicles!
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