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  • kyBuckeye ·
    Hello Chuck. I finally have a vin from my dealer and was wondering if there was a way to track them. Please let me know if you get a chance. Thank you.
    elweso13 ·
    Hey there.

    Ive been seeing all of these happy VT owners that have you to thank for getting them there. Very cool of you to supply that info. I will be finishing financing Monday morning, right after ill be calling dealers around the US to try and find the exact combo I want. Is there anyway you could send me or post and updated list? Thanks so much for all of your help!
    dan ·
    When the HELL am I getting my Turbo I ordered last January? "Anyone"????? Std Trans!!!!
    KBM ·
    Hi Chuck, I've been following you thread on VT availability, thanks for all the info (waiting for the right one to show up in NC).

    I was wondering if you have any info on when the new Santa Fe sport will land in the US?

    Thanks for all you do for this forum!!

    ptj6683 ·
    Hello CHUCKinFLL!
    My name is Jake and I have ordered a VT ultimate package, in matte grey with the automatic (I wanted the remote start due to laziness lol) with grey interior because I can't hardly stand the blue trim. I live in Ohio and have been waiting for weeks now and still no word on, well basically anything. The dealer keeps telling me he has no clue when my car will be in and it has been driving me crazy! I see you seem to have some helpful knowledge in the area of VTs and was hoping for a helping hand to see if you possibly had any info for me??? I would greatly appreciate anything you could tell me.
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