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  • Warp-Core ·
    Hi I am New to the site. I need to create a post. I own a VT with the dimensions audio system. I have seen a few posts on this site however I haven't come across one that details how to install aftermarket component speaker with passive crossovers. My actual question is the since the front Mids and Tweeters run individually to the AMP, are they crossed over at the amp? Or does the AMP run a full range signal to both the Mids and Tweeters which are then passively caped at the speakers?
    gusandkim ·
    Hi there....Same question as Jaydee......Where can we download the free version of the USB Interface Software v1.5.5? Will it work in a non Turbo Veloster? we do not have a GPS.
    Jaydee ·
    hello i am new in this i want to know how i can get the free version USB Interface Software v 1.5.5 non turbo veloster .. thanks
    sboi88 ·
    I ordered a vt2013. But its in korean language. Is there a way to change it in english like in gauges menus?
    nervegasm ·
    Oi.. mates.. just curious .. has anybody.. tried installing a turbo kit on their non-turbo veloster?. .. cheers =)
    Khalyn ·
    I have been driving my v for almost a year now. Twice this month the car just suddenly lost power after acceleration. The car only can go not more 40km/hr. i need to turn off the engine and start it back and its back to normal with check engine light on..

    The check engine line will disappear after few start and stop.

    Do any one have the same issue? Really need your advise..
    Mr57belair ·
    Hi everyone. Just got my '13 veloster turbo. She's Boston red with a 6spd man. Got her with 118 km and put on another 70 km. she gets alot of looks and has alot of the features that my '09 BMW 335i coupe has at half the price. Look forward to hearing from you all:)
    Monk ·
    HI....... I'm in the market for a 2013 non charger(have been driving four bangers since the late 60's, and never had a problem with power to merge, more rpm's/lower gears). So I'll be reading what you folks have to say about these cars.
    I've looked at all/most other 40mpg cars available and the CRZ / Focus were the only ones that looked nice but didn't have packages or other things I want. I also liked the look of the non turbo and was worried about the 2013 non-t front end looking like the T, but it seems the 2013 standard will look the same as the 2012 (which I like).
    Niche79 ·
    I see nothing but salesmen in every forum post now and I am quite sure they didnt pay the dealer fee etc. Can you guys wrangle them down and email all of them and get them to pay the small fee so they can be legit. Thanks
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