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Thread: Muffler delete mpg decrease?c

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    Question Muffler delete mpg decrease?c

    Hello friends of the internet

    I, dolan rodstick, own a 2014 veloster turbo that is really pretty. Quite recently I have modified it to have 2 spacers on the exhaust. I have done this to make the car louder. I put the spacers right before the muffler. With this I have noted some minor decrease in gas mileage. After some research I have also noted that this could be due to the lack of back pressure in the system therefore changing the dynamics of the computer contrived eve valve. I was wondering if anyone know if the catalytic converter was the main source of back pressure or the muffler itself. I am also asking for any of your own experiences in this topic and advice. Thanks

    Duck out.

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    Meant to say computer controlled egr valve

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    welcome to the club!

    i don't think adding the spacers should affect mileage much. your right foot is the biggest variable in the mileage.

    that being said, a bunch of us have modified the stock downpipe (2013-2015 only), and completely removed the platinum on the SECOND cat, after the o2 sensor. the downpipe/elbow is the biggest restriction in the exhaust system.
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