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Thread: 2015 32500k miles. rear hatch

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    2015 32500k miles. rear hatch

    My hatch stopped opening few months ago and it is not covered (2nd owner) by warranty. It is not the fob or battery (new). I can probably do the work myself to save money and want opinions on what part to purchase. Their is NO electric noise that is going to the hatch rear opener. Would I be wise to buy the Actuator? Thanks for any help.

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    Read this thread especially post number 22 it may help you

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    Hatch Actuator Switch

    I've had the same problem more than once with my 2012. Each time I my case, the switch at fault. I have found that the rubber covering the switch does not last. Then water will migrate into the switch. In the early days of the Veloster model you had to buy the whole latch assembly which did not come painted. But now you can buy just the switch with pigtail for about $47. You have to remove the inside trim at the bottom of the lift gate but past that its pretty easy to replace.

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    If you need a replacement electric latch, I have one removed from my 2016 VT after doing a hatch replace. $35 delivered.

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