Hey all,
I have a 2012 Veloster Standard with Tech/Nav.
I have been loving this car through all it’s 72k miles. That said, I would love to upgrade for some new features.... h
Does anyone know if it’s possible to swap my nav head unit with one from a 2016? Also, I want to know if anyone has swapped a 2017 Turbo supervision cluster for a 2012 non turbo. For both swaps the connector ports all look the same, and I can easily reconfigure pin layouts as necessary. But the dimensions and trim are what I’m worried about.

In my previous vehicle (a 2013 sonata gls) I successfully swapped for a 2014 non nav unit (color touch screen and back camera was enough for me) and a 2014 cluster (again color and nicer layout and graphics. It wasn’t easy but a trim replacement got the job done without any hiccups on the head unit. As for the cluster it was a straight swap.


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