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Thread: Looking for info on back plugs

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    Looking for info on back plugs

    When I bought my '12 Veloster it had a scratch on the screen and wouldn't respond to touch most of the time(it worked twice but briefly). My intention was to replace the touchscreen overlay. After removing the trim and head unit I discovered that the overlay was too large. Unfortunately, the old one cracked in several places when I was removing it so I couldn't put it back on. As of now it's connected without an overlay. When I start the car the screen displays a glitched mess of colors and fades to black. The only button on the unit that seems to work is the volume knob. I'm assuming the unit it broken and needs replaced.
    In my search for a replacement I've noticed that none of them have the same connections that mine does. On the back of mine there are the 3 white plugs, 2 gray ones, a yellow and a blue one. I called a local dealership and emailed Hyundai about what the blue plug goes to and the dealer didn't know. Hyundai said I should take it in for diagnostic testing and that they couldn't tell me through email or over the phone. Not sure why.
    So, does anyone know what the plugs go to(the blue one mainly) or where I can find a diagram of the connections?
    Also, would anyone know where to find a replacement? I'm not even sure what to search for.

    Thanks in advance. Hopefully I can get this fixed soon.

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    hello, in the past my touchscreen on mine was broken due to stupidity, i purchased a cheap 12 or 13 headunit and swapped the face/screen (buttons included) . total cost for the radio was about $280 and i resold the broken one on ebay.

    i think the extra connection may be for the navigation models... not completely sure.
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    Get the model number of your radio and search on eBay for an exact replacement. Or do as suggested above to get a parts unit. Although physically identical, most cannot be used for a swap. I believe that the blue plug is for the Nav Antenna.

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