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Thread: Veloster Turbo a beast on the track - especially when wet...

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    Veloster Turbo a beast on the track - especially when wet...

    Took my 2019 Turbo R-spec to the airport runway a couple weeks ago for some Solo (autocross) and to the actual track last weekend for some SCCA Time Trials.

    Car was amazing. I was at 100% from lap two on. I was in the Novice group of 26 cars all across the spectrum. Corvettes to BMW M2s to Miatas. Everything in between. After the four non-timed sessions I was 11th quick out of 26. Not bad for one of the lowest HP cars there. Here I thought I was going to be the slowest.

    Then right as we go out for the officially scored sessions the rains came. That's when the Veloster came alive. I was able to keep the hammer down coming out of the corners while everyone else was trying to keep their back ends from coming around. I may have understeered on corner entry a couple times but easing off the throttle just a little and those great Michelin Pilot Sport 4s hooked up and pulled me through the corners. Ended up 7th quick out of 22 cars that completed times in the rain. Some got skeered and packed up.

    In the second timed session in the full wet I was passing everyone on the track even though my max speed on the straight was a paltry 105 mph.

    In my actual class, Sport 5, I was 4th quick out of 10. That was across all groups, novice, intermediate and advanced. In that class, you're going up against Civic Sis, Golf GTIs and Focus Sts.

    If you haven't tracked your Veloster yet, you should. Even if it is just autocross. You can't hurt anything in autocross.
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    not bad!
    2012 Boston Red Veloster NA Base Manual BTRcc tuned 167whp / 138wtq SOLD!
    TK.COM CAI/catback - Nameless poly motor mount - BTRcc 89 octane tune

    2014 Vitamin-C Veloster Turbo Base Manual
    K&N panel filter - Nameless poly motor mount - Curt hitch - CF filler cap
    Hawk ceramic pads - PMS torsion bar - UNIQ front strut bar

    2001 Emerald Green Metallic Kia Rio Manual
    Overhauled suspension - H&R springs - 1Gb control arms / torsion rods

    A6D 1.6L DOHC swap complete! - new hubs/knuckles/brakes next.

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